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2013-06-16 00:36

My family and I believe that Lars should NOT be punished for freeing German Sheppard, Thor!
He can be very proud of himself for freeing Thor!
He is a man with a golden heart for animals!



2013-06-16 02:42

I cannot believe any police department is so stupid and inhumane! WTH is the matter with this country that they are so intent on killing this dog! What a disgrace they are to even think they have the right to decide the fate of this being! The officer should be commended for doing what is right against all odds and saving this life instead of facing any charges! What is the matter with this country and their law enforcement!!! Should be ASHAMED of themselves!!!



2013-06-16 04:18

This officer saved a beautiful smart german shepard. My God police have no right to put down a dog for protecting himself from a little dog attack. sorry but the what's the shepard suppose to do say... go away little doggie don't bite me. Get off the pot this officer is a good man with feelings for fairness. Shame on those that do not have the right sense about this situation. I hope they come to their senses and put this wonderful police officer back on the force where he belongs. Good luck to a good honest man with a heart, feelings and the knowledge to know right from wrong.



2013-06-16 05:03

This man is an hero in my books for saving this beautifull dogs life .



2013-06-16 08:20

This man Lars is the sort of man I would want to be protecting MY community. He acted in the name of moral justice. The dog's actions were quite natural and the owners were both happy until the dog was taken away; its euthanasia would have served no purpose, and animal life has value and should be respected.



2013-06-16 09:21




2013-06-16 10:26

Thank you Lars, for taking action, for your good heart and your good sence of justice!
We will always support you!



2013-06-16 10:46

Save Thor and Mr. Lomholt!



2013-06-16 11:00

He's a good man.



2013-06-16 13:02

What he did was the the right thing to do!



2013-06-16 13:45

Im writing from canada,and this man did a beautiful act of kindness and should not be punished for it. What is wrong with society? Do people not have hearts any longer?I really guess not! this man should not go to jail or have his job taken from him,what would you do if it was you;oh I forgot you don't have a heart so you would not be in this position!!!!1



2013-06-16 14:55

When I spent a semester in college studying in Copenhagen I saw far fewer dogs there than I do here in the in the United States. Could this be why? Lets speak of natural reactions for a moment. When someone jumps out from concealment and scares another the the fight or flight reaction is engaged. Even if it is a joke a person like myself may lay you out simply from natural reaction. Would you execute or even charge a human for that? The GSD breed is not known for its timidity. Please reevaluate this situation and consider that what is right for a human is not necessarily what is right for a dog.


#538 Re: And for the record, I admire Lars actions

2013-06-16 14:57

#537: - Lars did the right thing.  If laws were just then they would never put cops in a position where their morals conflict with their orders.




2013-06-16 15:02

This officer did what was morally right.Police officers can not make decisions about behaviour of animals in order to euthanize as they see fit. Only the circumstance in this incident alone indicates that it was out of natural behaviour that the dog reacted. PLEASE do not make uninformed decisions on someones life and career.



2013-06-16 16:26

When rules and regulations get in the way of decency and compassion, there's a problem. Thanks to Lars for doing the right thing.



2013-06-16 16:29

hope u win this war and thor can go home with lars



2013-06-16 17:07

He did what was right! Let him keep his job. This world needs more people like him. He is my hero.



2013-06-16 17:17

This man did the moral thing!
Denne herre har den moralske ting!



2013-06-16 17:20

how typical that an officer with a STRONG SENSE OF MORAL DUTY will probably be sacked when so many corrupt officers will be free to stay in their job!!

hvor typisk, at en officer med en stærk følelse af moralsk forpligtelse, der tror på at beskytte svage ... sandsynligvis vil blive fyret, når så mange korrupte officerer vil være fri til at bo i deres job!



2013-06-16 17:20

hvor typisk, at en officer med en stærk følelse af moralsk forpligtelse, der tror på at beskytte svage ... sandsynligvis vil blive fyret, når så mange korrupte officerer vil være fri til at bo i deres job!


#546 good point! well said :)

2013-06-16 17:23



2013-06-16 18:33

Sorry, I don't understand Danish. This petition should have been in English!



2013-06-16 19:38

Thank you Mr. Lomholt. The world needs more people like you!
Ann Bond



2013-06-16 20:45

We have the same issues here in the US! Time the authorities start to worry more about criminals than animals. Animals are easy prey for them, more so than criminals!



2013-06-16 20:59

This man should be promoted for standing up for what is morally right. Others police should learn from him and maybe that's what it will take to make our world better.

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