Frifind Lars Bo Lomholt!

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2013-09-22 12:39

Jeg siger bare Lars Bo !!! Der skulle være flere af din slags <3 Mon ikke du kunne få et job i regeringen ?? <3 Du har gjort det sååå godt TAK.......



2013-10-14 18:27

I am so sorry but I only reas english and spanish. I dont understand what this says. I hope the officer is a hero in your country. I admire him very much. For a man to do what is RIGHT no matter what it costs him is the definition of a hero. I hope he has a good job and the respect he deserves. Mary hynes



2013-10-24 07:17

Lars did the right thing. I would do the very same! I am very happy that Thor has been spared. Now it's time to declare Lars a hero and give him a promotion within the Police Dept. he works for!!



2013-12-29 12:06

Wel done to save the Poor dog



2013-12-29 12:12

This officer did the right thing. The police had no right to make this judgment on Thor. He did what any dog would do if scared by another dog unexpectedly. Let the officer keep his job!



2013-12-29 12:31

Its ridiculous. You need more details before euthanizing a dog.



2013-12-29 12:55

The police are WRONG WRONG WRONG!! The whole thing was settled between the dog owners. The police need stop putting their noses where they don't belong. The policeman who took the dog should be commended. He recognized the value of this dog. Thanks to him for saving a life.



2013-12-29 13:09

He's my hero



2013-12-29 14:55

Please allow the police officer to keep his job.



2013-12-29 15:02

My Hero!!!!!!!!!!!



2013-12-29 15:24

this is totally unwarranted and uncalled for. the dog owners had settled the issue and she payed the fine should have been finished there and never have came to this... so very sad



2013-12-29 16:40

An verbal agreement between the dog owners was reached. Perhaps the smaller dog was subsequently bitten by another dog and the blame for all has been put on Thor. Police should not have the authority to make such decisions based only on hearsay.



2013-12-29 16:51

The officer did the right thing! Sometimes a stand must be made when things are not right!



2013-12-29 17:19

Thank you for following your conscience!!!! You are very brave and kind. I hope that you do not lose your job over this, and wish the world had more people like you - willing to stand up and do what is right despite external pressure. God Bless YOU!!!



2013-12-29 17:35

On a side note it sounds like this was a set up by city officials and Thor's behavior WAS TYPICAL of a startled dog no matter WHAT breed it would be!



2013-12-29 18:21

The Danes saved Jews during the Holocaust and now Police Officer Lars saved a beautiful German Shepherd dog on moral grounds. He did the right thing and he should be praised, not punished!



2013-12-29 18:46

Doing the "right" thing should always be valued above doing the "legal" thing. This man displayed the courage of his convictions and put his own welfare at risk to save an animal. It is a very kind, brave act.



2013-12-29 18:50

Do not punish this man for saving the dog
Rebecca Willis



2013-12-29 18:52

This Police Officer did a wonderful thing by taking this dog from being murdered. Leave him and the dog alone.



2013-12-29 19:40

Its disgraceful when individual cases arent examined properly because there is a lack of justice involved and new victims are created. A dog owner becomes a victim when their pet is unfairly put down.



2013-12-29 20:30

I knew I always like Danes. Meine Tak (spelling), only Danish I can remember from 40+ yrs ago visit.



2013-12-29 23:08

No this man should not loose his job, my God he saved this dog..the lit'l dog startled him and he was doing his job, looking after his master and himself, the lit'l dog should have been leashed and been able to be held back, then this would have never happened, I would have saved Thor too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



2013-12-29 23:49

It is in an animals nature, when they are startled, to protect he selves or their owners. The fact that Thor only bit the smaller dog once shows that he had no intention to harm the dog. Putting this dog down would be a travesty, just plain wrong.



2013-12-30 00:09

I think the officer did the right thing.its not the dog bite but the breed that they want to sad



2013-12-30 00:19

You are a hero!!#

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