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2013-06-17 21:58

I would have done the same thing by saving this dog. This man should NOT be punished in any way.



2013-06-17 23:52

All the support from Mexico



2013-06-18 00:33

What is our world coming to..someone to be punished for doing something good? Are we supposed to just close our eyes and stay indifferent. Thank god there are still people like Lars. I guess governments forgot they're supposed to protect the people...



2013-06-18 01:04

im not sure of wat this all say but i will say this i back lars action i would of did the same thing with no regreets and im glad he did it natrul for dogs to fight and wat was the other dog it was probley running free to do as it wanted did the other dogs owner get any fins over it . probley not but i say he should keep his job theres not many police officer out there any more that care for the people and there familys and pets . hes a good man . we need more like him rether it be here in the usa or some were else i feel he is being wrongly justafide . IM Alicia Wilson of the usa / in Alton Missouri 65606 I back MR LARS



2013-06-18 02:30

He broke the Law ...... he saved a dog from un-necessary death .... bravo ... hope you have more Police Officer's like him . You have my full support.



2013-06-18 02:47

This man deserves a medal. This beautiful dog should NEVER have been condemned for defending himself from what he thought waqs an attack on him. The man was merely being humane and caring. If he is sent to prison it will be a travesty of justice.



2013-06-18 04:44

I would have done the same,No police has the right to make that decision. it is up to to the person who will be doing the eval of the Animal,also keeping in mind the circumstances the accident occurred.



2013-06-18 08:44




2013-06-18 08:45




2013-06-18 11:17

No this man did nothing wrong...I thank him for saving this angel Shepherds are not violent they are loyal and loving it was starteld by another dog does not mean he is a killer. A lot of kennels and dog shelters are way to quick to kill animals. Let the man keep the dog and do not take his job that is going to extreme seriously.



2013-06-19 19:34

The Danish Dog laws are pathetic, and it seems that a dog's life in Denmark is not worth much to the authorities. Lars Bo Lomholt is to be applauded for is moral actions. He is nothing short of a hero. Sit up and listen to the many thousands of decent people who wholeheartedly support Lars. Good Luck in your future occupation Lars. You deserve the best life for saving Thor.



2013-06-21 00:58

Free Lars for being an up standing citizen, Free Thor from the jail he was in to be with Lars. A wonderful police officer. Wishing there were more like him...



2013-06-21 03:13

I admire this Cop for doing what he did. They need to free this dog, he acted as most would when startled. You don't kill a person for being scared and hitting someone, and you DON'T kill a dog for nipping someone. Free this poor baby, he deserves a second chance.



2013-06-21 03:31

Reading this story made me feel quite ill. I cannot even begin to understand how your police are possibly capable of making a decision to kill a dog, as they are not qualified to do so. If this was the course of action you wanted to choose, then take it through the Court system first, and don't wait 10 weeks to pick this "dangerous" dog up. What fools you are! You are making yourselves look like a laughing stock across the entire world! What that dog did, WAS PERFECTLY NORMAL"! If someone startled me, I would probably retaliate without thought, and hit them! It is normal for a startled animal to respond similarly, only with its mouth. WHY wasn't the owner of the small dog, which not not leashed, charged? She is responsible for her animals behaviour, and ALL that stems from her negligence. Because her dog was small, is NO excuse. Small dogs have a reputation for nipping and biting, and it is NOT OK!!

Lars should NEVER lose his job over this. He showed great heart and COURAGE to rescue this poor dog, and make sure it was safe. He should be given a medal, not the sack!! He showed a compassion and intelligence, few in his position would have, and he likely knew the consequences, but did the RIGHT thing anyway! If the laws in Denmark allow the police to make such important decisions such a "life and death" of peoples animals, are any of them safe? It is insanity to even allow them to do so! The Laws governing police powers needs to be reviewed immediately, and a proper course of steps put in place to deal with issues like this. There is NO WAY in this world, that this is right, on ANY level! They should have NO RIGHT to take, and make the decision to kill anyone's pet, especially one that DID ACT NATURALLY under the circumstances.

Lars is a fine and decent man, he chose RIGHT over police beaurocracy and BS, he has HUGE compassion for living creatures who are unfairly treated/killed. This is a measure of the man's decency, and something all involved with this miserable decision, could learn a thing or two about. You are all a disgrace to your uniforms and to your country!! Leave Lars alone, and if you MUST do anything to him, give him a bloody MEDAL!! I hope the dogs owner SUES you all over this, because it is thanks to you all, she has lost her beloved pet for ever!! BTW FINE the other owner, it was her negligence and HER dog that caused this!!

To say I am disgusted is an understatement of massive proportions!!

Janne Thiebaud
Tasmania, Australia



2013-06-22 03:10

You must allow this man to have his job back. You can not penalize and punish someone for doing what is right.



2013-06-22 03:11

You must not allow this man to lose his job. To penalize and punish someone for doing what is right, can not be allowed. He did the right thing. His superiors did not.



2013-06-23 10:02

what a dear, kind man. and a dog just doing what dogs do. let it go!!



2013-06-24 06:46

This man Lars must NOT lose his job for saving the life of the German Shepherd. The small dog apperared behind him and startled him. The Sherpherd should be given back to his owner and Lars given back his job. He is a very brave and just man. The German Shepherd's temperament is FINE!



2013-06-25 23:58

i think its rediculous he saved Thor i dont see people people getting put to death for rape or even murder. Its absured, i think all charges should be dropped and for him to continue on with his job. If only more people in this world were like him. I applaud him for his courage to take a stand knowing he could get into serious trouble and possibly loose his job. He is Thors angel, thank you for taking a stand against such a wrongful injustice... Leigh Bradford



2013-06-30 03:24

I think what this officer did was fantastic. I pray every day that the United States Of America will have NO KILL shelters. We kill so many innocent animals every day, once they go in to the shelters they are doomed.
This dog would be taken here in the USA and be trained as a canine officer and wear a badge.
Thank you to the officer whom saved his life.
Stephanie Sherrard
Lynnwood, Washington United States of America :)



2013-06-30 18:18

Det er sikkert ikke bare jeg som sympatiserer med denne mannen.Jeg håper selvsagt at så mange som mulig signerer,takk!



2013-07-01 08:35

hij is een held, ik heb respekt voor deze man
denemark vind ik geen goed land wat honden bereft en zal er ook nooit naar toe gaan !!
verschrikkelijk en belachelijk die mensen



2013-07-01 10:51

He did the right thing!



2013-07-01 21:04

Lars Bo Lomholt a agis en ssuivanr sa conscience et je suis d'accord avec merite un prix du courage,..



2013-07-02 08:27

Thank you Lars, for being a good man.

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