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2013-07-02 18:13

i think the man did the correct thing and the officers who are causing problems possibly have a grievance, also investigate the vet. if the dogs owner was happy she should know, vet should do his job thats what he is paid for and Not interfere.



2013-07-03 07:45

I think ur Animal laws should ne written, with much more compassion for the animals! This dog reacted purely in defense!! Come on people!! Let's stand together and demand that Frifind Lars Bo Lomholt! - Skrivunder.netr not be fired! Forr being a decent caring Human being!!



2013-07-03 14:41

it was not the dogs fault ..he bit a dog that startled him.....Its not as if the dog bit a little kid in the face or something.....the police officer did right to save the poor dog from death !!!



2013-07-04 12:21

sometimes the law gets in the way and is not a useful tool to make the right outcome. people need to step in and take control when these situations happen to ensure the right thing to do is not lost in the burecratic politics or law.



2013-07-05 02:25

Lars Bo Lomholt did the right thing by saving Thor.



2013-07-05 04:59

i own a dog. i love him to pieces, and if any one tried to put him down, i would die. i can't imagine what this must feel like for thor's owner, but i can't support anyone who just takes another persons dog and tries to kill that dog. THAT is the unnatural behavior.



2013-07-06 23:12

I wonder if anyone realizes that being startled by something or someone, causes the person being startled to lash out at the thing that startled it, its a normal ANIMAL instinct.....humans have that instinct too....some animals run after being startled(Deer for example) others attack whatever did the startling if it feels threatened.



2013-07-09 00:32

This behavior that the Shepherd had shown is very normal. Even a person can be startled enough to slap anyone that comes to them from behind while making a loud noise. I would Investigate the other dogs owner, as well as the Veterinarian that says he found all these bite marks. The owner of the other dog was wrong and Irresponsible in allowing her dog to lash out at the German Shepherd as well . I would be very suspicious as to why she waited 10 days to file this complaint! It doesn't add up. She should be Fined because of this . Her dog could have very well scared an Elderly person by Lashing out this way or even a child. Please allow this Shepherd to live the rest of his natural life with this wonderful Man who has served 20 years of His Life, Protecting the Public. It's a matter of Respect and Trust for a Gentleman that has shown the same toward his Fellow Man.
Thank You
Mrs. Marilyn Ashman



2013-07-10 12:32

Since the police officer was off duty, he should not lose his job because of his actions. Even if he was on duty, I praise his behavior in regard to this dog. More police officers should model his actions than blindly follow the letter of the law. Being human and being humane are qualities we need in police officers and those in public service.



2013-07-13 20:46

This is a real man who has put principles ahead of politics, you probably would not understand that sometimes there is a lot of grey between black and white,



2013-07-15 10:56

Denne demonstrasjonen over rå makt fra de som ellers skal værne lovlydige borgere, er fullstendig forkastelig og skremmende! I tillegg vitner den om fullstendig mangel på kunnskap om hund- og lar absolutt alt gå ut over den som faktisk var den uskyldige part! Det er ofte den med den "lille" hunden som opptrer uansvarlig!!



2013-07-15 12:33

The policeofficer did a good work as saving innocent GSD. If that little dog scared GSD and he bite it´s not GSD`s fault. The little dog is quilty!



2013-07-15 13:09

Good for you Lars, we need more people who step up for animals. I believe in following your heart as long as it does not harm another. You harmed no one and you saved this precious pup.



2013-07-16 05:08

It's called compassion something we need more of! To put down an animal for doing something any other animal would do is senseless. Humans swing at other humans when startled. I think taking back Thor was the right thing to do I'd do the same! I wish there were more police like him! Taking Thor I mean saving Thor hurt no one to take away this officers job would be criminal.



2013-07-16 17:15

Forstår dere ikke at en hund reagerer- på deres normale måte... når den blir skremt? Jeg har hatt hund siden blitt angrepet av løse hunder.måtte til dyrlege, p.g.a øyet og deler av snuta .aldri krevd avliving..(Nå har jeg 5 hunder)blitt angrepet av flere hunder uten bånd.. Gi Lars en stor takk fordi han forstår hundenes væremåte..



2013-07-16 18:10

Det var det rigtige at gøre!!!! Tak Lars for lagring af denne hunds liv!!!!



2013-07-16 18:23

Me. Lomholt is a Hero! He should not be punished for saving an innocent life. Bravo to him! You have my full support!!!



2013-07-16 18:50

If the women who owns the smaller dog is not pressing charges then neither should the court. Can anyone prove the little dog did not do something to instigate the bite? Little dogs have big personalities!



2013-07-16 21:49

The cop deserves praise for acting against such a stupid law. This isnt the role of police officers. Wheres the common sense??
Seems only the officer involved has any brains and acted accordingly.



2013-07-17 15:46

This police officer, Lars, should not be punished for doing a humanitarian act. There was no need for the dog to be taken into custody and the police should have no right to say when an animal in this kind of a situation should be euthanized.



2013-08-13 14:05

Bra gjort!!!



2013-08-13 23:03

Han er en helt og en rigtig dyreven, kun en idiot kan finde på at straffe den mand. Han burde være æresmedlem i alle dyreværnsorganisationer og der bør stå en buste af ham i bronze



2013-08-21 17:48

Lars you Wonderfoul


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2013-09-08 14:08

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 Han er politimand, han skal fyres. Hunden har bidt en anden hund, det kunne ligeså godt have været et menneske.



2013-09-15 14:21

Politiet er for at beskytte et offer, og det gjorde Lars Bo Lomholt, da han befriede Thor.

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