Frifind Lars Bo Lomholt!

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2013-05-31 12:40

Lars is the definition of a hero--willing to sacrifice his own future for an innocent. Those who condemn him make me ashamed to admit to my Danish ancestry.



2013-06-15 12:10

Thanking him for what he did to save the dog! Wish there were more people like him!!!!

B. Scott



2013-06-15 12:23

The government is wrong to want to kill this dog and is being overzealous. I applaud the man for his humanity in rescuing the dog. He should not lose his job, he should be called a hero!



2013-06-15 12:54

All my respect! A true hero for me. Thank god people like him exist.




2013-06-15 13:02

I know it was illegal, what Lars did, but he did the right thing anyway. Well done Lars. You knew what would happen, but did the right thing.



2013-06-15 13:07

Occasionally a citizen will stand up and do the right thing when authorities have lost their senses. This is such a case. For whatever reasons, no one has truly looked at this case with a sound mind. Whomever made this decision to seize and euthanize this dog, their authority should be revoked for stupidity or mental lapse. One of these is surely the reason for this.



2013-06-15 13:08

#24 SHUT UP!!!



2013-06-15 13:29

I CANNOT believe they would fire the man because he SAVED an animal from being killed. Where are our priorities people? SHAME on them for punishing a man for saving a dog's life! Would they fire him if he kidnapped a child because it was in danger?



2013-06-15 13:30 did nothing "crappy"....nothing at all!....just ask Thor!



2013-06-15 13:34

This man is a true hero and should be recognized! If everyone were like him the world would be a better place. God Bless him



2013-06-15 14:05

I went to school briefly in Denmark in the 1970s and thought it a very civilized and admirable country but now am shocked by it's Draconian dog laws and the lack of any sense, or justice, or compassion.
Shame on you all who are responsible for making it necessary for a good man to do something against the law in order for there to be justice.
I commend Lars Bo Lomholt for not just standing by and allowing an unjust and inhumane action to occur.



2013-06-15 14:09




2013-06-15 14:33

As a human my natural reaction when startled from behind is to punch who or whatever scared me. Its called fight or flight. And obviously Thor's nature is to protect himself and his owner. Get a clue! And the officer that did this should be honored not have his career ruined for this wonderful deed he did.



2013-06-15 14:51

This guy was a heroe; what he did was the right thing to saved that dog ; what happen to people that they want to resolve the easiest way ; to kill the dog instead to try find other ways to help the dog??? I can't believe this...GIULIANA



2013-06-15 14:56

Dette er en retfærdig sag. Thor ikke fortjener at dø. En reaktion er ikke en god indikator for tegn. Lad Lars og Thor har et lykkeligt liv.



2013-06-15 15:10

Well done, to a good man.



2013-06-15 15:28

Lars did a WONDERFUL thing and deserves to be treated with respect. Thank you Lars!!!!



2013-06-15 15:45

This man deserves applause not to be labelled a criminal.



2013-06-15 16:13

i thank you Lars for showing you care hope the support you get changes the outcome for you



2013-06-15 16:20

Well done Lars.



2013-06-15 17:33

The police should be put to sleep!!!! Your a hero Lars for saving Thor... God bless you for doing the right thing......



2013-06-15 18:59

A dog that is scared is going to bite. DUH!!! I am going to just say that he is a beautiful dog. He did not intentionally harm the little dog, was just responding to being scared. Try and take my dogs and you will not be successful.



2013-06-15 19:13

No Lars should not be punished for saving THOR from being put down. I would have done the same thing if I was in his shoes.



2013-06-15 23:48

This policeman needs to be recommended!! He cares, he helps! Law enforcement needs more people like that!



2013-06-15 23:51

This man should be honored, given a parade down the middle of the main street in town, and a statue sculpted of bronze set in the middle of a park named after him... NOT imprisoned, awaiting trial!!! What he did is what everyone else who has EVER loved an animal was thinking of or wishing they could do!!! He should be offered his job with a raise in pay and position back--if he is willing to take it--and he should be an example of exemplary conduct for officers EVERYwhere to role model. This... THIS is how animals SHOULD BE TREATED! Enough innocent lives aka: Lennox, Baby Girl to name a couple of many have been lost due to no fault of their own and it is BRILLIANT what Lars did!!! Bravo, Sir! You will forever be a hero in my heart!

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