Stop Deportation of Fernanda Milan

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Anna Schröder

#26 Lifeline suggestion!

2012-08-22 12:40

I guess that there are not many here that remember the nazi-occupation... But we scandinavians have some experience in helping people by just crossing a border! And just as stoping jews and other people from being deported to consentration-camps! We can still do the same thing here... People and friends is no problem... We are here! Financing might be a little problem though, but lets think a bit over how we can solve that small problem!


2012-08-23 08:47




2012-08-25 04:02

If Denmark wont give her asylum Australia should. the Community of Trans people in Australia will welcome her and support her until she gets a protection Visa.


#29 Re:

2012-08-25 12:05

#28: -

For some strange reasons its told she can't get asylum any other places when she has tried denmark.

I don't know exactly why, but one of my friends who spoke to her have told me so.

otherwise we would think it would be better for her to go to another country since denmark in general isnt that good of a place to be transgender in.



2012-08-25 16:39

I don't know Danish yet hope all is done to help this woman and all transgender people.



2012-08-25 17:36

Stop Discriminating. Love is Love and Gender is a Spectrum not just strictly boy or girl. We are All HUMAN and We All Should be treated like it. Love people for who they are...not what you want them to be.

#32 no other place

2012-08-25 21:22

The problem as I see it, is in this case the "Schengen Agreement". It says, if a refuggee has been denied or lost the right for shelter in one of the member countries, all other member countries are closed thentoo. (i´m not a lawyer, so please correct me, if I am wrong) This is the common practice for all EU member countries. Possible options sould be in Europe then still Norge, Ísland, Helvetica and Liechtenstein.
So she would have to be brought into one of their embassies and call there offically for refuge. This needs to be supported at the same time with a petition by supporting citizens of the chosen country, so that the media would not able to just ignore it, because I think most of these countries are very reserved too, granting shelter for people, who have been denied by an EU country before. If not able to ignore ,they will surely investigate the circumstances and bring up the question of truth here. Because Denmark is actually denying shelter already, means they are not following Fernandas statement and argumentation.

Another possible option could be a legal marriage/partnership with a citizen of an EU country, what is possible in Denmark much quicker then in some of the neighbour states, like Germany for example.


#33 Deportation on account of being trans

2012-08-26 22:57

It truly is astounding how people can turn and say, you can have equal rights, and you can, and you can, but you can't, because we don't agree with you. That isn't what equality is.

I find it disgusting what people are prepared to do to this poor woman, and people like her, just because of something she can't control.

#34 min løsning

2012-08-27 19:39

Hvis et land activt efterfolger et befolkningsgruppe, sa er det grund nok til at fa asyl, uanset om de ting er pa listen for asylansogning eller ej. Hvis et land activt efterfolger et befolkningsgruppe, sa skal det bare tilfojes til listen.

Og det kan altsa ikke vaere svaert at saette mennesker som han/hende i kvindeafdeling i stedet for maendeafdeling. Selfvolgelig er der reglerm men alle kan jo se at det er en undtagelse.


#35 Rain

2012-08-28 06:46

This is wrong. There is nothing okay with killing trans people. They are people too. They deserve the same rights as we do.
Nina Sofie


2012-08-28 18:28



#37 Marko

2012-08-28 23:25

Stop a la violación de los Derechos Humanos, Stop Transfobia



2012-08-29 19:38

Vi har alle en karma - der er nøje forbundet med vore evolution.. lad nu bare de ting komme til udtryk - så vi alle kan være her - selv lille lars fra græsted..



2012-08-29 22:41

give her a chance !

#40 Denmark and all other countries

2012-08-30 11:24

It seems to me no matter what we are dealing with nowadays which might seem different to us only...Is to be killed and discriminated ,pointed at ..etc..

It is very sad to still see so much of our human issues still...And it´s not only in Denmark that these things happens ...This discriminations happens everywhere one goes....Seems whether there might be an economical ,political or social issues with humans we have problems coping with the things that just pop up and say hi i am here and that´s are you gonna take me as??? and our opinions shows very naturally ....We may try to hide it..But we cannot hide the things we have been taught...These are only the things we learned...And mostly from the older generations which is frankly sad and shameful .... We have so many other issues to worry about ...Instead of taking the last power away from people....Humans are dying on the streets worldwide...Kids are unable to learn the right morals in life and the proper education from the RIGHT people...

What we are all human beings doing is just surviving in denial...hate and is sad...

The more we should improve the worse we get...

I only feel sad for our animals and children that surround us...


#41 Give yourself a chance...

2012-08-30 11:26

When helping people in needs you´re not only helping the negative facts...You´re helping yourself...By contributing to something that requires special needs and care...
Jenifer Leibrandt

#42 Hvordan de sove om natten?

2012-09-01 02:12

Jeg taler engelsk, så jeg gør dette med Google Translate (tilgiv mig). Anyway, jeg er ligeglad med, hvad problemet er. Hvis nogen vil blive dræbt, hvis de bliver udvist, og intet er blevet gjort forkert ved denne person, hvordan er det etisk korrekt at deportere dem? Nationer gjorde det til flygtninge fra Holocaust, og de ​​er blevet kritiseret for det lige siden. Dette er den samme. Denne smukke kvinde vil helt sikkert miste sit liv, selv om det ikke er en ortodoks en, hvis hun har udvist. Hvordan kan embedsmænd, der gør denne beslutning søvn om natten, vel vidende, at de har sendt endnu en uskyldig person til deres visse død?


#43 Katy

2012-09-01 02:26

Denmark will have Fernanda Milan's blood on their hands if they send her back. I hope that is not what they want. Please save her life. Let her stay.



2012-09-01 02:52

It's ridiculous that someone cannot get sanctuary for facing execution just because they're being themselves. It's a sad day in our world's history when such things happen.



2012-09-01 04:27

The judge who ordered Fernandas deportation should be able to change the order to allow for deportation to "any country that will accept her". Then she could go to a country where she will not be killed. This would be legal in the USA.



2012-09-01 13:29

Am transgender (or rather non-gender) and don't understand how someone can be denied asylum because of gender-indentity. Have those countries who opted out of EU's treaty never heard of Hate Crime?



2012-09-01 15:30

This should not be neccesary in today's "civilized" countries!!!



2012-09-01 19:09

A disgrace for civilized countries to send some one to death, because that is what it is.



2012-09-01 22:01

I am from Danmark and shocked that they would do this. THIS IS A COUNTRY I HAIL FROM!! WTF is wrong with them? Take a walk in my shoes for one day! See what it feels like to be happy or try when assholes try to ruin it!!! SHAME ON YOU DANMARK!!! :-(((



2012-09-01 23:27

Disgusting. Bring her back.