Frifind Lars Bo Lomholt!

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2013-02-03 18:55

Lars Bo Lomholt is my respect!

Lars Bo Lomholt, hearts and minds has shown where it is missing from the politicians!



2013-02-04 01:54

han er en helt



2013-02-04 05:31

more men and humans, should be like this man. he deserves a promotion and a raise! i am so glad thor's life was spared, and he wasn't put down for exhibiting dog-like behavior. lars is a hero!!



2013-02-04 05:32

Lars is a hero - he has done what is morally right... now the country's laws need to catch up!



2013-02-04 05:33

Your sacrifice may herald change!



2013-02-04 05:35

I don't understand Danish, but I think this police officer's actions (Lars Bo Lomholt) are commendable. I completely support what he did. I do not support the police action against Thor, the dog, who bit the smaller dog out of self-defense. I detest yappy, bitey small dogs!



2013-02-04 05:40

Frifind Lars Bo Lomholt!



2013-02-04 05:46

The dog was jumped from behind. It was only a startled reaction, give the dog another chance. And of course our police officer was just trying to help the dog, and he sure has conscience. Please do not reprimand the officer.



2013-02-04 05:56

Ons staan by Lars Bo Lomholt. Hy is 'n held! He is a hero!



2013-02-04 06:04

Please do not punish Lars for his action in saving Thor - we need more policemen who are capable of thinking morally. Thank you.



2013-02-04 06:13

Save Lars and Thor!!!!!!!!!



2013-02-04 06:14

Proud of the actions the Police Officer took, by the time you get through all the red tape the dog would had been dead. Humans have made far worse actions by taking lives of babies which is high in this country, and those humans dont get put to death. The action of putting this dog down is petty and nonsense.



2013-02-04 06:22




2013-02-04 06:32

This WILL hurt your tourism



2013-02-04 07:32

lars has balls, and rightly so



2013-02-04 07:56

The officer is a very kind person and a good heart! The world needs more people like him!



2013-02-04 07:58

Any dog owner that knows about dogs must be shocked and disgusted about this case. When Yorkshire terriers injure each other in a fight, are they put to sleep? The law is flawed! Lomholt's action was right!



2013-02-04 08:15

Vær erkende, at denne officer gjorde hvad der var moralsk rigtige. Han bør ikke miste sit job. Faktisk bør han modtage en medalje. Også, skal du ikke lede efter denne hund. Skam dig for selv at gøre det i første omgang. Tak.



2013-02-04 09:46

No police officer should be disciplined for showing compassion for animals, especially when other officers have taken the cruel action of taking away a person's pet for showing what is normal canine behavior. Police officers are not animal behaviorists.



2013-02-04 10:01

This is evil and unecessary, Lars should get a medal. Just more ignorance & bullying behaviour by those with a god complex. SO glad Thor is in a loving home.



2013-02-04 10:07

Neither the dog, nor Lars did anything wrong. Both acted in a normal way, for a dog and for a compassionate human.



2013-02-04 10:13




2013-02-04 10:18

Kindness should never be a crime. This dog is not a killer or a danger to others or he would have shown those qualities long before.



2013-02-04 10:19

danke für die rettung



2013-02-04 10:45

Lars Bo Lomholt har kun gjort det INGEN andre havde MOD og hjerte til at gøre.

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