This is a petition in favor of keeping the dance education of ddsks in Copenhagen, in opposition to the decentrelization proposal from the government that would mean the relocation and drastic alteration of a well fuctioning arts eduction, that serves not only the dance scene, but the wider art field in Denmark.  


In 2021 the Danish government published a proposal to decentralize higher education in Denmark. As part of this, it was decided that the BA program in Dance and Choreography, the MA in Choreography and the MA in Dance and Participation would be removed from the DDSKS (Den Danske Scenekunstskolen) campus in Copenhagen and relocated in Holsterbro in Jyttland. This was a political decision, made without consulting any interested parties. Together these three educations are the only accredited higher educations in dance in Denmark. The plan to move all of them to Holsterbro, disconnecting them from the other performing arts educations (within the DDSKS CPH campus) and disconnecting them from their vital dance scene is detrimental. 


Three main arguments why we want dance education to continue existing in Copenhagen: 

1. Interdisciplinarity is indispensable learning how to collaborate is essential to an arts education, and we are dependent on the connections we make during our studies. Isolating dance from other artistic disciplines will impede artistic innovation through collaboration, both in our studies and in our careers.In addition, Holmen is a unique environment that has been curated as an artistic campus of all disciplines, moving us would damage all the students. 

2. Quality as the fundamental priority The moving of the dance department will necessitate a restructuring of the educations. We rely on our dedicated staff, on the flow of esteemed international guest teachers and on the incredible resources and facilities we share with the rest of DDSKS, which will not be able to follow us to Holsterbro. This incredible education has only just been accredited. The move will destroy the education as it is shaped today, and negate the work of its accreditation. It will take years for a new accreditation to happen, halting the progress of dance in Denmark.

3. Direct contact with the field expands our work opportunities  The dance scene is to be found in Copenhagen. The field is still emerging, and is doing so at the same pace of the DDSKS’ educations, in an intertwined relationship. Decentralisation will damage two realities that are co-dependent. This will be a recentralisation, not a decentralisation. Being close to the field nurtures our learning and creates opportunities for work and exchange. Whilst we support the initiative to further Holstebro’s profile as a cultural city, it should by no means be done at the cost of damaging three well-functioning, fully established and internationally recognized educations. 


To accompany this petition the students from the DDSKS dance department, joined by their fellow students from other performing art disciplines/study lines, are organizing a protest against this proposal to emphasise how important it is to keep a dance education in Copenhagen.

We ask you to support us by signing this petition, spreading the word, joining us on the 16th of May, and following our cause on social media. 


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