Wooga stop hackere!

Hi Wooga, we are many Danish Junes Journey players who are tired of your way of dealing with cheating and fraud. Time and time again, you remove the chair from grandmothers with no sense in IT, while letting young teenagers ruin the game with hacking. It's time you do something about things. When you can remove diamonds from players who got a flower that gave 450 diamonds, you can also remove deliga points that these cheating teams have unjustifiably got! When you can introduce a quarantine for participation in competitions, you can also introduce a quarantine for coffee and league points.
Get started, it's the ones who don't cheat, you make your money not the cheaters
Yours sincerely
Danish Junes Jouney players!IMG_0610.png

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Vi viser ikke din e-mailadresse offentligt online.

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