No time for war, children are suffering

This is a petition for all the children where we are at war, please support.


who can help, we invite all ages, religions, communities, environments, etc. to be with, the meaning is a learning process for a better future! but utterances are obviously welcomed but we're working on here is constructive opposition to war, death and destruction.

Everyone says they are interested in a better world, but we have not and the real victims of our wars are children, children who would one day like to lead our country, so it is important we have competent and creative adults in the future.

Why build ditches where we can build bridges between countries and cultures. It will create a more fluid and sensible world both politically and humanly. A rallying cry says "Make love No War" and one we have invented says "Make no war but make beauty"

This can be done by educating our children as creative , construction projects and tests, however, to think how our world might look like this!

How do we do it, yes schooling is the password, we must have world's politicians to please the creative and come up with solutions to schooling and education, we must teach them to think, "No war but construction and other projects"