Keep Architegn in AAU!

Dear fellow students.

Architegn is closing. It is VERY urgent, that we speak up. The owner, Ingvar Kristiansen, has contacted the University in October because he needs a lower rent to keep Architegn - without getting any response. The new rent in Rendsburggade is sky high - 3 x the rent in the Design School in Kolding for a similar area. He will be giving his notice by the 31. of December unless something is done. WE NEED TO TAKE ACTION NOW! We need to make our opinion heard! I will make sure this petition is sent to the Institute and the Studyboard along with Ingvar Kristiansens message. He suggests making a "library"/ book-exhange service, so that Architegn sells us our books and we can sell them back to Architegn at at 10 % lower price. This will increase sales and relieve us of selling books privately, helping Architegn stay afloat in the future. Please sign the petition NOW and share it! 

With best regards and a determined mind


Belinda Nors

MSc01 ID