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2015-04-16 08:55

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Spain is a democratic country with a constitution approved with overwhelming majority by referendum in all regions (including Catalonia). In that constitution, there's clearly stated that all Spaniards are the soverign people of Spain and that Spain is indissoluble.

Legally, you cannot ignore the constitution but you could change it. If there's no political willingness to change the Spanish constitution, that would be part of your democratic system.

If there's enough catalans willing to vote for independence, they should work to change the constitution first within the current legal system. Therefore, it's a political internal issue, not a matter of human rights.



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2015-04-17 05:32:20

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Spanish constitution was approved after a long period of dictatorship and political forces were under military pressures to expressly include some articles, like the one about the eternal unity of the country.

Catalans indeed voted for this democratic constitution, and have worked within its legal system, but this last years have shown that the current constitution and, specially, how it's interpreted by the courts, does not allow the kind of freedom requested by a majority of the catalans. 

A clear proof of this is the  Statute of Catalonia, that  was also democratically voted by a majority of catalans, but it was overruled by the Spanish constitutional court, under political influence of the main Spanish party. 

The Constitution can not easily be reformed.  Not only catalans are a minority within Spain, highly unlikely to get support from a majority in Spain, but also this kind of reform requires special majorities of 2/3 of the political arc, both before and after a general election. 

If democratic values were really a part of the main Spanish parties, they will work with Catalan parties toward a solution, just like it happened in Canada or United Kingdom.

But both main parties in Spain, PP and PSOE, which without them is impossible any kind of reform or negotiated solution, have clearly expressed its will to not allow the catalans to vote on their autodetermination. 



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2015-04-19 09:06:47

Many times along the History, bad laws have been changed thanks to the will of people!