Frifind Lars Bo Lomholt!


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2013-02-12 03:25

Lars is a hero. He did the right thing and should not lose his job. How dare anyone say that Thor must die because he was startled and snapped at the little dog. Who is making this decision, the police or a judge? Whoever it is knows nothing about canine behaviour and therefore should not be the person to make a decision of life and death. It was a natural instinct, to lash out if he thought his life was in danger, and he should NOT die for that. Any good animal behaviourist will tell you that. It's no different to a human being raising their arm to defend themselves if someone came at them to strike them. It's just a natural response, an instinct. The owner of the little dog should be ashamed of herself for causing this situation, and she should have the decency to speak up and say that she does not want Thor to die.

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