Stop Israels brutalitet


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2014-07-25 15:51

The Israelis have killed thousands of mothers, fathers, children and also the doctors who wanted to save the children who was basically CUT into pieces. They have bombing schools, burned a kid ALIVE who where on his way to morning prayers, they have jailed people and posing next to them for a picture while they where blindfooled. They have threatend tourists and journalist that if they say a word wrong they would bomb their car. They also sit outside while they bomb the civilians and applause everytime a missil goes an celebrate. Now if you wanna tell me that the original people and owners of the country should give their land to assasins who killed their families, even newborn babies "becouse they are a threat and it is self defence" think again. This isn't about a piece of land but about humanity. Thank you for your time.