Projekt: Få-Vimergy-Til-Danmark



Kronisk sundhed for brug for at kunne forhandle produktet.

Jan Hermann (Roskilde, 2019-10-29)


We need Vimergy's products in Denmark ❤️

Mette Fejgh (Frederikssund, 2019-10-29)


We need Vimergy product in Denmark.

Knud Sørensen (Århus, 2019-10-29)


Jeg ønsker meget at kunne købe vimergys produkter her i Danmark

Susanne Jacobsen (Aarhus N, 2019-10-29)


It will make my life a lot easier if I can buy Vimergy at the same shop as my other AW products and within my own country. Today it is a constant struggle to figure out where I can get what, and I end up paying for postage and customs and extra fees constantly. That is a crazy waste of time and money. I m very gratefull that Christina makes a big effort to supply the Danish market with AW products

Hanne de Linde (Vanløse, 2019-10-30)


Vi har brug for ordentlige produkter

Stine Eriksen (Korsør, 2019-10-30)


I Think it is importend that we Can get The produkt Anthony Williams recomment Here in Denmark. I Will buy my produkts in Christines shop kronisk sundhed

Zuzanne amanda Kamper (Jægerspris, 2019-10-30)


A prayer from Denmark we also wish to have the heeling effect of the products from Vimergy. Please help us.

Marianne Bauer (Kolding, 2019-10-30)


Please help us, so we will be able to buy Vimergy products in Denmark and stay healthy too,
thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏🏻 ❤️

Liejane Rasmussen (Kerteminde , 2019-10-30)


Dear Medical Medium team. First of all, I want to thank You for the wonderful job You`re doing. We are many people who benefit so much from it. That`s why I`m asking You, if You could possibly convince Vimergy to sell their products to Kronisk Sundhed ApS, so this fast growing market here in Denmark has access to them through a Danish distributor. Kind Regards, Daina

Daina Støvring (kalundborg, 2019-10-30)


I need the products recommended by AW to heal. And its very expensive to buy in Sweden or England. I hope you’re able to help so we can buy Wimmergy products in Denmark 💚
Thank you so much
Cellina Porsborg Denmark

Cellina Porsborg (Nibe, 2019-10-30)


I would SO much like to get the products from Vimergy. I do not understand, why we - here in Denmark - is unable to get them. Please - we need them...

Kirsten Magdavius (Silkeborg, 2019-10-30)


We are a family of 4 who follows the medical medium an have done so for three years. We reallly need to buy Vimergys products here in DK.
Besides we have a MM support group in Denmark with over 14,000 members. Many are so sick that they can not cope with buying supplements abroad. There are also a lot of members in the group that only can danish. They also have the rights to buy supplements in Denmark so they can heal.

Rikkabii Wigga Rask Julius (Grindsted, 2019-10-30)


Jeg ønsker at kunne købe Vimergy's produkter i Danmark.

Jeanette Thuelund (Odense SØ, 2019-10-30)


We need Vimergy's products in Denmark!

Kristina Pedersen (Aalborg, 2019-10-30)


I sign, because we love your products and need them in Denmark ❤️

Christina Joensen (Københavns , 2019-10-30)


Vil handle Vimergy hos Christine Marie Juhl, Kronisk Sundhed Aps.

Wivi Holmen (Slagelse, 2019-10-30)


Fordi jeg bruger mange af disse kosttilskud og kan ikke overskue at købe i udlandet.

Birthe Rindom (6999 Skjern, 2019-10-30)


Vi er mange kunder i Danmark som har brug for disse produkter.

Solvejg Sørensen (Korsør, 2019-10-30)


We need vimergy in denmark, we are so many people following the medical medium way.

Jon Borg (Svendborg, 2019-10-30)


We also need these products in Denmark. Thanks

Neneh Østergaard (København sv, 2019-10-30)


Jeg synes det er på tide vi Vimergy til DK, det mangler big time. Det er alt for besværligt at skulle bestille det i udlandet, og savner at kunne købe det i DK.

Helle Kofoed (Lyngby, 2019-10-30)


Jeg ønsker produkterne skal være lettere tilgængelige, folk med svære helbredsproblemer har brug for let tilgængelighed og mange bøvler med de udenlandske sider og opgiver derfor tit at skaffe disse vigtige produkter

Sally Jensen (Brædstrup , 2019-10-30)


Jeg underskriver fordi det er rigtig svært at få fat på de Vimergy produkter som AW anbefaler. Jeg har forsøgt, men det ender hver gang uden resultat med mindre jeg vil købe fra USA og det bliver alt for dyrt.... håber der kommer en distributør i DK

Rosalone Pamer (København nv, 2019-10-30)


Jeg synes det er vigtig at få kvalitets produktet til Danmark

Gitte Pilgaard Andersen (Varde, 2019-10-30)


Im signing because I want to live a clean an healthy life, by medical medium standards. Vimergy is the best of the best products, but I can't get them here in Denmark, and I would love for that to change. Not just for me, but for all the people wanting to heal 💚

Mette Hartung (Svendborg, 2019-10-30)


Jeg har brug for at kunne købe Vimergy's produkter i Danmark fremfor at skulle lede efter en forhandler der er villig til at sende til Danmark og som evt er nem at kommunikere med, hvilket kan være vanskeligt idag. Det er svært for mig at kommunikere på et andet sprog om min sygdom og hvilke alternativer jeg kan bruge.

Anemea Holm (8305 Samsø, 2019-10-30)


I would also like Vimergy products at We need it in Denmark as well!

Tina Campbell (Vodskov , 2019-10-30)


Jeg skriver under fordi det bør være en selvfølge at vi har den mulighed i Danmark!!!!!!

Michelle Theilgaard (Copenhagen , 2019-10-30)


Vi i Danmark har brug for en net shop der forhandler de produkter som AW (den medicinske seer) anbefaler til os, for at fremme kroppens sundhed og styrke.

Berit Schmøde (Næstved, 2019-10-30)


Jeg støtter op om dette oplæg.

Joe Bell Duncan (Reersø , 2019-10-30)


Jeg mener vi bør have mulighed for, at købe de bedste helseprodukter, anbefalet af AW, i Danmark

Juline Petersen (Roskilde, 2019-10-30)


I sign because I would like to buy Vimergy producers in Denmark

Kirsten Sørensen (2800 Lyngby , 2019-10-30)


I would love to get your quality products to Denmark in orden to heal according to Anthony Williams directions. Please be open for that. Best regards Camille

Camille Rostgaard (Roskilde, 2019-10-30)


Det vil glæde mig at kunne købe produkterne i Danmark. Vi fortjener at det er nemmere.

Tenna Sølveten Rasmussen (Lystrup, 2019-10-30)


Synes ikke det kan være rigtigt at man ikke kan købe produkterne i Danmark💜

Vinnie Vilhelmsen (Hvidovre, 2019-10-30)


Jeg meget gerne vil have vimergys produkter tilgængeligt her i Danmark!

Nomi Lotuz (København , 2019-10-30)


I want to be able to buy Vimergy products in Denmark :)

Susanne Røngaard (Odense NV, 2019-10-30)


det skulle være obligatorisk at kunne få til Danmark

hannadea borkfelt (københavn F, 2019-10-30)


We have a Danish Medical medium group with more than 14.000 members. That’s a lot for such a small country.
We are all very dedicated and extremly good at healping each other.

But one of the Big Challenges is the suppliments. A lot of people don’t have the energy to find out what is good product and what is not. And when they finaly find it, they have to find a site that sells that product and sometimes it dosen’t even ship to Denmark. Other times the shopping Can be more expensive than the product.

We are all doing what we Can for each other in the group. Pirring our energy in our calling, to help others heal.

We need support for this wonderfull website that brings all the right suppliments for us, to support us in out healing.

It Will take away the presure to research good suppliments, time to find Them and time to get Them delivered at our door.

We need to stand together and we need help from stronger powers.

Mejse Elisabeth Øhlenschlæger (Tistrup, 2019-10-30)


We need to be able to buy Vimergys products in our own country, Denmark, please.

Joyanna Thomassen (Sorø, 2019-10-30)


Jeg skriver under fordi vi burde at have muligheden for at købe produkterne i Danmark også. Vi er mange som ikke har overskud til at handle i udlandet.

Lene Christensen (Kibæk, 2019-10-30)


Kronisk Sundhed webshop is a result of Christine Maria Juhls hard work for the Medical Medium community in Denmark. She started long time ago asking out in the group if there was interest in having a webshop in Denmark with only foods and suplements aligned with Medical Medium. It was a Big YES! For many it would be a relief and huge help to have a webshop in Denmark with only handpicked products aligned with MM. Christine Marie Juhl is a true hero who has worked hard, patiently and for a long time getting permission from danish authorities Selling suplements in DK. This is very restricted in Denmark. We all wish sincerly to be able to buy Vimergys products in Kronisk Sundhed webshop. This would give all of us the best posibility to be able to have the suplements nr.1 recommended by MM, so We’ll get the best chance to heal. Christine M J have always wanted to do the best for everybody in MM community in DK and have with great care always asked out for us MM followers wishes and have build her webshop in cooperation with us. Vimergy has sadly said no to that possibility, but We deeply hope that their mind Can be changed about that. Sincerly Solvia

Sølvia Liliefrost (København S, 2019-10-30)


It is SO improtant, that we have a opportunity to bye AW recommended product on a danish web-side. I know to many, that give up the AW lifestyle/food because it is to overwhelming to by al kind of stuff in foreigner web-shops!!!
Please help the Danes, to get healed.

Christina Jørgensen (Søborg, 2019-10-30)


Det ville bare gøre det SÅ meget lettere at bestille varer.

Inge Thusholt (Jægerspris, 2019-10-30)


We are over 14 thousand members in the Danish Medical Medium support group. This is a huge group of potential customers in the Danish market. Please let us bring Vimergy to Denmark!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Diane Nielsen (Tommerup, 2019-10-30)



Ninna Jensen (Glesborg, 2019-10-30)


I am very found of using some of you products every day.
I think it is very importen that we also can buy it i Denmark.

Jane Larsen (København Ø, 2019-10-30)


Because AW says is it good for healing.

Bente Karstenskov (Dronninglund, 2019-10-30)


I’am tousing Many of vimergy s good stoof and it Would be Much Eaysere to by Them in Denmark.

Annette Adsersen (Ringkøbing, 2019-10-30)


I Think it is wierd that it is impossible to by Wimegy stof in Denmark. Why are the danes locked out ???

Emma Løsecke Nielsen (Frederiksværk, 2019-10-30)


I choose to write my name here , because I want to handle produkts from vimergy !! AW says it’s The bedst .

Janne Werner (Allingåbro , 2019-10-30)


Jeg kan ikke overskue at bestille fra udlandet

Barbara Hovhave (Otterup, 2019-10-30)


I sign because I - as many others - am trying to heal myself with the help from AW´s guidense ... AND in Denmark we need an easier and more affordable acces to the right and best products needed. <3

Birgitte Jensen (NørreSnede, 2019-10-30)


I sign because I need to buy produkt from Vimergy in Denmark ,which is recommanded of Medical Medium

Lydia Ravn (Fredericia, 2019-10-30)


Jeg skriver under fordi Jeg gerne vil støtte denne indsamling af underskrifter

Chamilla Stuhr (Sakskøbing, 2019-10-30)


Jeg ønsker at kunne købe deres produkter i dk 😘

Heidi B Jensen (Frederikshavn, 2019-10-30)


Vil rigtig gerne kunne købe vimergys produkter her i DK, vil gøre alting nemmere 😊🇩🇰

Bettina Rix Jacobsson (Borup, 2019-10-30)


I sign because its difficult to find good, clean health products in Denmark, that do not contain a lot of crap. And I use a lot if time surching for alternatives.

Margret Zachariassen (2000 Frederiksberg, 2019-10-30)


We need these products in Denmark!

Lisbet Jupin (Roskilde, 2019-10-30)


Jeg gerne vil kunne købe Vimergy produkter hos

Susanne Gorbin (Skanderborg, 2019-10-30)


I sign here because I need to buy what AW recomends. And it is too difficult to find it when it is not described in danish.

Hanna Kristensen (Årslev, 2019-10-30)


Jeg gerne vil handle Vimergys produkter i en dansk webshop

Christina Christensen (Viby, 2019-10-30)


Det er vigtigt, at vi I DK har adgang til jeres produkter, så vi kan fortsætte vores rejse med at blive rask

Marianne Juhl (Viby J, 2019-10-30)


Jeg vil købe produktet i danmarka

Louise Breth (Børkop, 2019-10-30)


Jeg skriver under, fordi jeg ønsker vi får en Vimergy forhandler i DK.

Murjanah Langhoff (Kerteminde , 2019-10-30)


I would be a big help to be able to buy Vimergy’s products in Denmark.
It is difficult and expensive to buy abroard, and takes to much energy.

Ditte Isager (Silkeborg, 2019-10-30)


Det er vigtigt vi kan handle A.W.s anbefalede varer her i Danmark

Lis Lysemose (Odense, 2019-10-30)


Det vigtig for os der gerne vil leve efter AW, og syntes det er alt for omstændigt at handle udenfor Danmark.

Tina Vestergaard (Kastrup, 2019-10-30)



Iben Larsen (Bramming, 2019-10-30)


I sign this petition because I would love to buy Virmegy direct from a Danish shop.
I would make shopping more easy not to think og customs and additional Costs. Clearlife does not always carry the specific product that I want or are sold out.

Iben Persen (Nærum, 2019-10-30)


Fordi det er nødvendigt

Annamarie Bundgård (8340 Malling , 2019-10-30)


I håb om at få samlet så mange AW “produkter” et sted og undgå en masse rode ift. forsendelse

Eva Germannsen (Roskilde, 2019-10-30)


I Wish to be able to buy the Vimergy products - its actually frustrating to See and Hear them reccomended, and not be able to buy them

Marie Isira Havndrup (Åbyhøj, 2019-10-30)


I would love to be able to shop all the produkt as medical medium says so I Can heal. It is difficult to order from orther country.
Anja from denmark

Anja Kristensen (Roslev, 2019-10-30)


Jeg vil gerne købe varerne i Dk

Elena Hansen (Risskov, 2019-10-30)


Because we need vimergy in den ark, its easer for us to buy it in dk🙏🏽❤️

Nadia Maron klein (Haderslev, 2019-10-30)


I very much want to get Vimergy's products, that Anthony Williams recommend, to Denmark, as it will make my healing process much easier.

Anne-Grete Hermansen (Charlottenlund, 2019-10-31)


It's very important to have Vimergys good/healthy products here in Denmark

J. Munch Petersen (Ishøj, 2019-10-31)


Jeg elsker dejlige ting som AW anbefaler og kan købes hos Vimergy håber det kommer til Danmark

Mariane Olsen (København , 2019-10-31)


Jeg skriver under fordi jeg ønsker at kunne købe det hurtigt og enkelt i DK.. Alle de forskellige shops og lande, kan forvirre mig, og har ikke overskud til altid at sætte mig ind i det. Håber i vil være med til at støtte, så at vi her i DK, også har mulighed for at have samlet shop, med go tilskud fra medical medium

Gitte Andersen (Randers, 2019-10-31)


I really need vimergys products because I have several cronic deseases.

Gitte Werner (Kalundborg, 2019-10-31)


Jeg skriver under fordi jeg gerne vil købe deres produkter !

Sina Heile (Voerså , 2019-10-31)


It should be easy for everyone to get the products Antony Williams recommends. No matter what country you are Living in.

Solveig Eriksen (København, 2019-10-31)


jeg bruger det og pt køber det i udlandet

Bodil Andresen (Allingaabro, 2019-10-31)


Because I would like to buy the correctly spirulina from vigermy as AW tells. But it is not possible to buy in denmark.

Pernille stub Petersen (4800, 2019-10-31)


Because it would make living by AW recommendations much easier and cheaper.

Anja Hansen (Hvidovre, 2019-11-01)



Stine Riemann (Samsø, 2019-11-01)


Er interesseret i at kunne købe Vimergy i Danmark

Anette Chaltal (Brøndby Strand , 2019-11-01)


Det er vigtigt for mig, at mennesker, der vælger at blive raske ved selv at gøre en indsats, også har mulighed for at få fat i de kosttilskud, der kan forbedre deres tilstand. Adgang til kosttilskud bør være lige for alle uanset land, etnicitet, evner indenfor computer/ sprog, livskraft og helbredstilstand.

Bodil C. Jørgensen (Nibe, 2019-11-01)


We definitely need to be able to buy Vimergy products in Denmark! It is very expensive to buy from other countries.

Leni Egholm (Hadsten, 2019-11-02)


I want to make it easier for me and everyone in Denmark buying stuff from Vimegy.
So please help us:-)
Thank you:-)

Christina Bjerregaard (Ebeltoft, 2019-11-02)


jeg er helt enig

jette christensen (hørsholm, 2019-11-04)


We need healing from this produktion.

Rebecka Nikolajsen (Fredericia, 2019-11-16)


Vi behøver de rigtige kost tilskud i dette land!

Jonna Vogel (Farum, 2019-11-21)

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