Letter to NREP - Unacceptable changes to our living and working conditions

NREP, the owner of the building, has removed Lena from her position here in Siljangade against her will. We will send this letter to NREP to challenge their decision. Please use the attached QR code to sign and support. The letter will be sent Monday.

It has come to our attention that NREP has removed Lena Mølsted from her position at Siljangade.

We have, as tenants, legitimate claims and expectations to the services rendered by the staff of Siljangade. This downsizing will lead to a significant degradation of the general service level and have perhaps irreparable consequences for the community. We can already see how future community events are cancelled, the breakfast and lunch menu is of a significantly lower and less varied standard etc. The sense of community, the personal service and the high culinary level delivered with care and dedication by Lena, Mathilde and Oscar on a daily basis, is an integral, defining and very valuable part of living and working in Siljangde 4-8. We see Lena, Mathilde and Oscar as part of our community.

We consider these sudden and unacceptable changes to our living and working conditions to be in direct conflict with the way the building concept has been advertised and presented. And a breach of established and existing conditions.

Examples from siljangade.com:

  • “To support the community and knowledge sharing at Siljangade, we are hosting networking and social events on a regular basis.”
  • “On the ground floor we have The Kitchen where our chef prepares breakfast, lunch, take-away dinner, coffee, wine and other treats. So your office lunch is secured.”

We expect NREP to reinstate Lena Mølsted. If NREP fails to do so within 2 weeks, we will call for a re-negotiation of all contracts, so new rental levels can reflect the diminished value of the concept and community we bought into.

We consider Siljangade a living lab experimenting with future forms of living. We believe it will be in NREP’s best interest to support and grow this community, instead of starving it. The knowledge you could derive from this building has the potential to become very valuable in the planning of future real estate projects.

Another adverse effect from this decision could be reputational damage to the NREP brand, when the story of Siljangade is to be told.

If NREP chooses to ignore or deny any or all of our claims, Lena to be reinstateted or a significant rent reduction, we will immediately form a tenants union and join The Danish Tenants Association (https://llo.dk) with the intent of resolving this issue at the Danish courts. LLO are informed and ready to take legal action.

On behalf of the tenants in Siljangade 4-8.

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